WilhoitF200x230Born in 1958 at Bethesda, Maryland, USA, I was self-taught in music from the ages of 12 to 19, after which I attended the Catholic University of America (B.Mus., 1980), the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (M.Mus., 1983), and the Ohio State University (Ph.D., incomplete, 1984-87). Since 1987, I have earned my living as a software engineer. I make my home in rural central Ohio, with my wife, children, and (at last count) thirteen pets. My earliest distinctive compositions date from 1977. The highest compliment I have ever been paid was that I am "a native speaker of music", and the worst dispraise I have received (to my face, at any rate!) was a characterization of my compositional technique as "micro-pastiche".

Frank Wilhoit

300003Violin Concertofor violin and orchestra
300005Trio in E MajorTrio for clarinet, violin, piano
300007SonataDuo for tuba, piano
300009Variations and FugeQuartet for strings
300027Symphony no 4for orchestra
300028Fugal Overturefor orchestra
300029Symphony no 5for orchestra
300030Variations on a Theme of Thoma Campionfor orchestra
300031Yet Another BLake Songfor satb a cappella

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