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This web site started with only my music: I am John Webber, a British composer now living in the US. After a while it widened its scope to include three others, two American composers, and one other British composer. Frank Wilhoit, one of the Americans is an old school friend, we both studied at the Catholic University of American (Washington DC) back in the 1970s. The other American is Abraham Newsom, a Benedictine monk at St Gregory's Abbey in Three Rivers, Michigan. And the other British composer is a retired Anglican priest who lives in Wales. There are two other members of the webbermusic family: Surendra Mohan is our technical director, a Drupal expert who lives in India and last but not least my wife Caroline, she who has an opinion on everything and is correct in almost all of them.

It is a delight and a privilege to be working with all of them and for that they have my deepest gratitude.