about webbermusic



webbermusic consists of four composers (two British and two from US composers) and one technical director. It was founded by British composer John Webber (altho he, his wife, and dog live in Michigan, USA) and started with just his music.

Frank Wilhoit a resident of Ohio, USA (and has more than one dog) and John Webber were fellow students, many years ago at the Catholic University of America. They were also responsible for founding the Shoestring Orchestra, which later became The New Music Society of Washington, DC. The rest, as they, is mystery.

Which brings us to the Greatest Mystery, here represented by Brother Abraham Newsom, a Benedictine monk who also lives in the US, just down the road from the Webbers in Michigan.

Our last (but not least) composer is Doug Constable, a priest in the Church of England, who lives in Wales and writes mainly choral music for church use.

And our final member, without is our Technical Director Surendra Mohan, a drupal expert with terlve years rexperience who lives in India and has contributed many hours of work to creating and maintaining the webbermusic site.



This site © webbermusic - music © the composers - please visit Surendra Mohan too